Dreamloans – Bad Credit Car Loans »Sometimes, life can get the better of us and we find ourselves in a position that’s not ideal. Our financial health can suffer when circumstances have us down, but that shouldn’t get in the way of the necessities.

At Dreamloans, our consultants understand that everyone should have the opportunity to buy the car of their dreams.

If you’ve been refused for finance through all the traditional channels, we may have the solution you’ve been waiting for.

We can help you get that lucky break and find a car loan that will help jumpstart your credit and turn your life around!

Our bad credit car finance experts will advise you and guide you with the right steps to help you achieve your dream of owning a new car.

Poor credit can affect your day-to-day life, and at Dreamloans, we believe credit history isn’t always a good indicator of your current ability to pay off a loan.

Impaired / Bad Credit Car Loans

Is your bad credit rating affecting your ability to get a loan?

Dreamloans can help give you that second chance to help jump start your life!

If you are:

  • A discharged bankrupt
  • Bogged down with credit card defaults
  • Self employed
  • Getting declined by banks and other lenders

Dreamloans can help!

Our bad credit car loans and car finance plans are suitable for people from all walks of life, whether you have a bad credit history or don’t even have one at all!

Dreamloans consultants are specialists at sourcing bad credit car loans from a panel of reputable lenders that specialise in motor vehicle finance.

We can arrange for motor vehicle loan amounts of up to 100% of the price of the new or used motor vehicle of your choice.

What Sets Dreamloans Apart

At Dreamloans, we are about more than just processing forms and recording numbers. We believe in each individual receiving the fair treatment they deserve, and helping people achieve a goal they might not have thought possible.

If you’ve already been dismissed out of hand at other financial institutions, you can rest assured that at Dreamloans, we will listen and do our best to secure finance for you. Cars are often more than just a luxury item – they can provide our livelihood and independence.

How Do Our Loans Work?

Start by filling out our online application now or call one of our experienced consultants.

You will be asked to provide your basic details, your employment status, income sources and amounts, credit history, loan type and contact details. From there we work to find a lender who will be able to finance your dream.

Steps to Follow before You Apply for Finance

We try and keep the process as simple as possible, but there’s a few things you should understand before applying for any loan:

  • Know your credit history: Even though this may seem obvious, knowing exactly where you stand means you won’t walk into anything blind. You can be honest in your application and may even end up pleasantly surprised if your record isn’t as bad as you thought.
  • Have a list of your current debts: Make sure your budget has room for any extra repayments, and try and get hold of any records to show that you’re up-to-date with any other debts. This may also serve as extra documentation for your new loan.
  • Have an idea of what you need: If you approach the situation without a clear idea in mind, you won’t know how best to go about getting it. You might really want a bigger car to fit the whole family, but quickly settle for a small car because you haven’t thought it through first. Knowing what you want puts you one step closer towards getting it.

If at any point you are unsure of anything, feel free to give one of our consultants a call to discuss your concerns.

Bad Credit Interest Rates

Entering into a loan agreement with a poor credit history can mean that you will end up with higher interest payments than someone with a clean record would have. This is the lender’s way to minimise risk on their investment, and just how high the rate is can depend on the lender and on your particular history.

There is a bright side to all this: any time you are given a loan, you are receiving a new opportunity to work towards improving your credit history to make it easier next time. With responsible borrowing and hard work, a bad credit history doesn’t have to equal a life sentence!

Are you ready to work with trained specialists who will listen to your story? Talk to one of our friendly online Dreamloans consultants to talk about how we can help you. We will listen to your situation and then work hard to get you that dream car!