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Car Loans for People with Bad Credit in Sydney

Everyone at Dreamloans believes you should be able to buy the car you love, regardless of your credit history. It's why we provide some of the easiest, most competitive bad credit car loans in Sydney. Sometimes all it takes is someone to give you a lucky break and some expert advice to turn your bad credit history around. Talk to our bad credit car finance experts to find out how you can own that dream car – you might be hitting the road much sooner than you think!

Impaired and Bad Credit Car Loans

Talk to us if your poor credit history is stopping you from getting the car loan you need. We're famous in the Harbour City for helping customers get a second chance at car finance. Talk to us if you: - Have been bankrupt - Struggle with credit card defaults - Are self-employed - Keep getting declined by banks and other lenders We've helped countless people from all walks of life with our bad credit car loans and car finance plans. Some of our customers have good credit history, some have bad credit history and some have no credit history at all! Our consultants have a comprehensive network of reputable lenders in the motor vehicle finance sector. We are confident that we can help you source a loan, regardless of your financial history. In fact, we can even source a motor vehicle loan for up to 100% of the price of the new or used motor vehicle you have chosen. If you're a Sydney resident who has struggled to get finance in the past, contact one of our friendly online Dreamloans consultants to talk about how we can help you.